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You Can Now Play Mobile Games on P C

Online games are akin to huge vacuum cleaners which suck on your bandwidth. Playing games online is not as easy as it seems since it require a very powerful internet connection. With the service providers becoming increasingly miser, online gaming experience is becoming just as poor.

For the love of gaming, many people have now turned to their smart phones for downloading and playing games rather than waste away the bandwidth without even getting a proper gaming experience in return. But nothing beats the experience a PC can deliver when it comes to games and some smart folks have found a way to play android and I OS games on their PC s.

This may seem like an impossible task to achieve but there are many companies out there which are making it all possible for gamer across the globe. Blue Stacks, which is a notable company, has designed handy free simulators for PCs which make playing your favorite android game on your PC hassle free and a piece of cake.

This company is not only associated with  a number of renowned android and I OS games and apps but has also produced a beta version which lets you play graphically rich games without destroying the image quality.

You Wave is another android simulator but unfortunately, unlike Blue Stacks, this is not free. They give you a free trial of ten days, which you can use to see if you like what they have to offer, which I am sure you would. This simulator allows you to directly download apps and games from Amazon, App store and Kapok. What makes this more popular than the Blue Stacks App Player is the fact that it comes with online multi-player support and lets you save games.

Both of these applications are becoming insanely popular among-st all gamer who are looking for ways to steer clear of other online games which just suck the life out of their internet connection’s bandwidth. This approach is both economical and convenient the gamer.

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