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Armageddon the Bloodiest Game of Its Time Gets Reincarnated

The bloodiest game of its time that had been banned because of its very nature is back with a bang. Armageddon, which was previously banned because of a lot of hue and cry from critics because of being a mindlessly savage game, is back on the scene. This news has been followed by a public outrage against the freaky video game that many find themselves addicted to.

Armageddon, as you can tell by the name, is all about savagely killing pedestrians (for bonus points and rewards), causing accidents for high scores etc., all of which is way beyond human. Game allows the player to take the driving seat of a super sports car and go on a killing rampage around the town like a manic killer on the loose.

When the game was first developed, its release was snubbed when BB F C refused to issue a certificate back in 1997. But however, it is no longer the issue, thanks to eager fans and the internet. The generous fund raising conducted via an online fan base has led the creators of the game come up with a sequel. To get an idea of just how crazy fans can be sometimes, they successfully raised $400,000 to fund the production of the sequel.

The sequel boasts to have kept the fan-favorite ‘hero’ of the game, the psychotic killer on wheels, with a stupid grin on his face. As per many, he bears an uncanny resembles to the devil or what many people picture him to be. The self-proclaimed free form driving sensation promises to create frenzy among-st fans that were so eager to play the game again that they literally raised a mountain of funds. The news of the sequel has given birth to a kind of a mild controversy but that has not done anything to stop the sales. So far, the game has sold over two million copies.

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