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Resident Evil Game Lovers Get Ready for 3 D Thrills

Mila Jovovich in 3 D

Yes, please! If you can top her off with a bit of Michelle Rodriguez, you would make my day. No, I am not daydreaming! This is actually happening and is the setup for the new Resident Evil Retribution movie that is coming to a cinema near you! Exciting stuff it indeed is, not just for the fans of the two butt kicking actresses but also for the followers of the popular game that has kept the masses captivated for years. I, for one, cannot wait to watch the latest movie which will closely be followed by the release of Resident Evil 6 game, makes it like a double treat for all the fans out there. (Ya, I am so excited!)

So far, two trailers of the movie have been released, one of which makes a well-natures jibe at the technological advancement that has everyone in its grip around the globe. While random people from different parts of the world flash their hi-f i gadgets, little do they realize that their world could get plagued by the cannibal zombies? The other clip shows Mila Jovovich’s perfect suburban life with her husband, Carlos Oliveira (from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis), and her daughter before waking up to the realization that all of these were fake memories which were created to use Alice for research.

Michelle Rodriguez makes a comeback in this movie, even though her character gets killed (or more correctly turned into a zombie before being shot in the head by Mila) in the first movie. As per sources, Resident Evil Retribution would have lots of Michelle Rodriguez and Carlos Oliveira clones. Other than that, Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong get faces (and everything else) as Johann Rub and Li Tinging play Leon and Ada respectively. The movie will be released sometime in September so it means you have plenty of time to book your seats because this one is a must watch and will get you in the mood for the next edition of Resident Evil game.

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