The Mavis Cycling Wear for Winter

Mavis is noted not only as an excellent manufacturer of tires, wheels and pedals, but also for the continued research and development in the apparel industry dedicated, which allows it to churn out cutting edge products and competitive (with names “user friendly” recall those of the most famous wheels). The new line Yttrium Thermos Pro, composed of jacket, tights and shoes, is a viable option for our winter outings.

Mavis presented the new line of winter clothing Mavis Yttrium Thermos Pro, composed of jacket, tights and shoes. The use of new fabric Prim aloft Sport guarantees optimum comfort and grip even at very low temperatures, while providing the necessary ventilation.

If summer is the season in which the imperative for an item of clothing is to keep your body cool and dry, winter adds to whatever further complication: keep the heat without losses and pockets of moisture, but ensuring adequate ventilation. The new fabric Prim aloft Sport performs all of these assignments and makes pedaling even in hot and dry climates very rigid, having an efficacy tested in a range of temperature that ranges from 8 ° C to -15 ° C.

The analysis of the behavior of the body under stress at low temperatures has allowed to identify the areas in most need of ventilation and those which need to maintain as much as possible the heat, so that the comfort is not affected: this derives from the different distribution of the fibers and of the four layers of stretch fabric, which convey the excess heat to the most appropriate escape routes.
Yttrium Pro Thermos Jacket

Mavis in the collection, is the jacket for the Prince to face the most extreme weather conditions (cold wind, snow and ice), thanks to the Cold Ride + technology which makes use of the insulation provided by the fabric Prim aloft Sport. Equipped with water repellent treatment patented, is designed to provide heat even in conditions of humidity and rain, while the stretch fabric multi layer offers a more than viable freedom of movement.

The ergonomic fleece lined collar with detachable hood allows complete isolation of body areas not exposed to the air, while three large back pockets (central one with zip) are convenient for everything you need to stay. The foam thermal lining is removable, making the jacket more adaptable to different temperatures. The attention to detail is also evident in the small hole for the passage of a headset. The price is 250 Euros (only liner Cold Ride + is priced at 80 Euros), measures range from S to axle.

Bib-tights elastic wrap and soft, with a double-layer structure: a windproof membrane combined with a suitable fabric to retain heat even at very low temperatures. This combination of fabrics ensures a perfect sound without giving up a comfortable fit and soft (weighs only 450 grams corroborates this). The sturdy seams are flat inside and follow the contours of the body, to reduce any irritation after hours of pedaling, while reflective details (as well as for Thermos Jacket) increase the visibility in the days less bright. Inside, the new ergo 3 D Endurance Pro has padding progressive three different densities of foam shaped 3 D.

Shoes implemented Mavis technology and Lycra suit to keep feet warm even at the lowest temperatures. The exterior is Gore-Tex water resistant and breathable, so that it is not necessary any overshoe, while the tip of reinforced rubber and the second coating on the points of greater friction to guarantee a long life. A series of reflective strips allows for better visibility in low light conditions.

The technology applied to the sole provides the use of a composite material suitable to effectively transfer the power supplied by the cyclist, without which pertain dazzle or tingling problems during long rides. The lacing system by Ergo Dial helps to give a grip and precise control. Weight well below the 400 gram (per pair) for all sizes

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