The Back Pain While Cycling

Cycling, yes! But having bad back then, no question! If you are a fan of cycling and you hate to have body aches after a walk and your practice is pure pleasure, here are 4 simple tips anti-aches and easy to apply!

To fully enjoy your cycling trips without risking having body aches, everything is question of positioning. By adopting good driving positions by bike, your back will be saved and you will be more comfortable, more efficient and therefore more joyful. For the sake of your back, here are our 4 small tips.

Keep your back straight

By bike, especially during exercise, make sure that your back remains flat. To do this, we must adjust the height of your seat. Too low and too high handlebars, you will be asked to have a bent position and hello back pain!

Same thing if your saddle is too high and that the handlebar is found too low: this configuration you will have the curved back, forcing your muscles to make additional efforts. To avoid this situation, think Debar. This handlebar booster will help you find a correct posture and therefore more comfortable, reducing the pain in the back.

Let your arms relaxed

And this will relieve your back while avoiding the pain in the neck and neck. Keeping good arms relaxed, keep the shoulders relaxed.

Place your hands on the handlebars at the brakes while making sure to have elbows slightly bent.

Your bust should be inclined as to forward it to about 45 ° relative to the vertical axis. With this position you will always have your arms slightly bent which solicit less your biceps.

Make work all of your legs

Avoid at all costs not pedaling with calf! You will tire quickly. Instead, use your whole leg. To do this, the articulation of the toes will arise in the center of the pedal. The left knee should be substantially bent when the left pedal will be located perpendicular to the ground and vice versa.

You will do well to work the entire leg and the effort required will be perfectly distributed. To maximize efficiency in pedaling, remember to keep your knees slightly to the inside back and close her legs to protect the joints. What win for sure in power!

The well head flexible

Do not pull the head back by lifting the shoulders when you’re on your bike. Also, do not push the shoulders forward or push the chin toward the handlebar. Keeping the well flexible head, you’ll avoid pain in the cervical vertebrae. If not during exercise, breathe quietly and preferably by mouth. The muscles of your neck will thank you and you will avoid the same time cortisol.

Take breaks regularly, about every 30 minutes and take the opportunity to do some movements easing will also make you the most good … So now you can say bye-bye to back pain, go ahead, get on your bike and enjoy!

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