Bike Clothing What Type Do You Need

Wearing bike clothing isn’t needed if you are riding your bike just to have fun with the family, but we’re probably not the first to admit that it can make riding comfortable, especially if you plan on going for longer rides. Plus, it is a good excuse for being “in style” as you are riding that bike. In this day and age, you can find bike clothing almost anywhere, at discount prices, however, knowing what you need may be the tough part.

Bike Shorts for the Summer Months

If you don’t have a whole lot of money to spare on bike clothing, the only useful piece you really need would be a pair of bike shorts. Bike shorts can make riding that bike more comfortable, because of the special pad that is inside the garment. Bike shorts have a special thick piece of padding that has been designed to cushion your bottom when you are sitting on the bike saddle.

There are some pretty cool styles of padded shorts that you can choose from – some are loose-fitting shorts that look pretty cool.

Bib Tights for the Winter Months

During the winter time, however, you may not want to wear shorts, because it would be too cold. For those cold months, you can purchase a pair of nice bib tights. The bib tights will protect your lower back from those cold drafts. Of course, sorry to say this, but they don’t look that great, but there are some times where you have to put the elegant look to the side and this just so happens to be one of those times.

A Rain Coat for the Wet Weather

Another piece of bike clothing you should have in your possession would be a rain coat – this is obviously to keep you dry if you plan on riding your bike during the wet weather. When the sun is shining and you are going out for a bike ride, you may think it’s not going to read, but out of nowhere, it starts to downpour. Having that rain coat will definitely come in handy during those times.

A Jacket

During the winter months, you should definitely wear a jacket in order to protect you from the cold weather. There are a lot of great cycling jackets you can choose from – some are more expensive than the others.

Gloves to Protect Your Hands

Gloves are useful throughout the year. However, you may want to consider full fingered gloves for the winter months. You may also want to get some waterproof gloves (some brands aren’t waterproof, while others are).

If you don’t mind going into your bank account and spending money, there are some pretty stylish bike clothing you could purchase. Regardless, you should have a jacket, gloves, bib shorts, leggings and a rain jacket in your collection of bike clothing.

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