Basketball Backboards Which Backboards Are Best

Many people think that the most important part of a basketball system is the goal. After all, that is where the scoring takes place; but actually the basketball backboard is just as vital. Backboards assist in scoring, give chances for rebounds, and help players hone their skills. Not all backboards are alike.

There are many different types available, and a huge variation in the quality of different retailers. I discovered a site called that offers the following types of basketball backboards from leading and respected industry manufacturers. Plus, the sound warranty puts my mind at ease when making an investment in my game.

The ultimate backboard is made out of tempered glass. Glass backboards are NBA regulation style. The pros know that playing with a glass backboard gives the best ball interaction. Tempered glass is dent proof, scratch proof, and shatter resistant. There are no worries about the ball hitting a dent or divot. This ensures fair play for all. Tempered glass also has also no vibration, returning the ball instantly.

Glass backboards are considered the best, but they are also the most expensive. A good alternative to glass backboards are acrylic backboards. Acrylic backboards look and feel like real glass they offer a similar ball interaction, though the vibrations and ball return speed are different. Acrylic backboards can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Fiberglass backboards also give the look of glass, but are much more economical. They are more prone to dents, but overall they give a good surface for lay-ups and rebounds. Only the most skilled player will notice the different between fiberglass and tempered glass. Fiberglass is a good choice for moderate play.

For outside home or community hoops steel or aluminum backboards are good choices. They do not have the same ball interaction and can dent or scratch, but they are durable. Steel and aluminum both work well in all types of weather and are ideal for aggressive play.

Once you know what type of players will be using your hoop and where the games will take place, choosing a basketball backboard can be simple. Choose your provider and backboard style carefully, and watch your game play improve.

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