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The Best Online Puzzle Games for Girls

Most of the dress up games and makeover games are fun, but they are one-time thing; kids and girls play once and will look for new games again. But puzzle games are different. They are addictive.

Players will spend tons of time to resolve the puzzle and most of them will play for the second time. Girls and kids nowadays are looking for more than just simple fun. They want to practice the ability of resolving problems and really learn something while playing.

I’m introducing four types of puzzle games: detective games, memory games, matching games and guessing games.

Sherlock Holmes could be a hero for kids. Being a detective, you must have keen observation, the spirit of adventure, the willingness of sacrifice and of course extraordinary courage. You can test if you have the qualifications to become a real detective through these detective games.

Good memory will help you a lot in every aspect. If you want to improve your short-time memory, playing Memory Games is definitely a great way. Usually at the beginning of the game, you are given some cards or other items, at this time you have to try your best memorize correct position or pattern. Then the items were messed up. You should revert everything in due time.

Matching games are popular. You have to link at least three items of the same color or pattern. The more you link, the more score you will get in due time.

The relatively simple type is guessing games. You are asked to find difference between two pictures, or you may have to find numbers and letters in a picture. This is suitable for kids. Playing such games can enhance the recognition to numbers and letters.

All girls love makeup and like so much prefer makeup games. Girls also enjoyed play puzzle games.

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