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Play the Puzzles Games Which Make You More Clever

As a girl, there are many games we can play for fun, but there are puzzles games which can make you more and cleverer, And you can have a challenge for yourself, is it fun for you to make it come true and be the best winner in the game.

I like play puzzles games which I can think of the best method to be the highest scores owner that will be the most exciting thing when I see I have a clearance.

Now I can introduce a new game of puzzles games for you, it is available for girls to play; there are also flowers and many lovely things which you can have fun. What’s more you have 24 levels to choose, for me it is so nice, you can choose the easy or the hard level to play.

Be attention to the levels, it will be more and more hard you should care, so the other most important thing is that you should find the right way and time to make the flowers be in the flyer.

Oh, I forgot to tell you the name of the game, it is called flower flyer, and as usual, you can use the instruction of how to play.

You can just use the mouse to control the flowers and make it be in the flyer, but from the 5th level, you will find it become much hard for you to control the destination and time for the flower, just be care, don’t use too longer time for the mouse click the little five-pointed-star.

Wish you can reach the last level, it is the 24th level, which you can have a try and have fun from this one of the puzzles games. All Girls using puzzle game sharp her mind and focus on good thing.

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