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Effective Ways to Help Improve Your Martial Arts Moves

Ask any experienced martial arts experts and you will learn that having good reflexes is definitely one of the critical success factors when it comes to beating your opponents in martial arts competitions. No matter why styles of martial arts you are learning, having a speedy reflexes is of utmost importance. Below are some reflexes training methods that will help improve up your martial arts moves.

Improve Your Visual Response 

Training up your visual response and reflexes will help improve your ability to quickly react to attacks from your opponent – it will also help you spot opportunities to unleash powerful kicks and punches towards your opponent. Having the ability to distinguish and spot oncoming strikes can be easily achieved once you have improved your visual response. Having good visual reflexes are equally important for sports like table tennis, squash and so on.

Enhance Your Physical Reflexes

Once you become really good and adept with physical reflexes, you will be able to quickly feel and detect the movements of your martial arts opponent. You will even be able to block his attacks and at the same time strike him back where he is most vulnerable and score more points. If you are familiar with Chinese martial arts movies, I am sure you will have seen such speedy moves from popular martial art artists like Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

Tune Up Your Hearing Skill

Yes, it is true. Having an acute hearing skill can really help in improving the chances of you scoring against your opponents. And in situations where there are multiple opponents pitting their skill against you, with practice you should be able to quickly know their positions and be able to more effectively block their attacks against you. Blindfolding yourself when you do sparring practices and you will quickly know how useful this skill can be once you master it.

Boost Your Mind’s Reaction Speed

With adequate training, you will gradually be able to quickly response to both expected and unexpected attack movements from your opponents. All these reactions will become second nature to you once your mind is being conditioned. You will automatically know how to choose the perfect martial arts moves to response back during an attack from your opponent. Of course your brain’s reaction will have to work hand in hand with your visual reflexes and hearing skill too.

Speeding up Your Body Movement

To be able to quickly move your body’s position at will be a very challenging skill to master. As seen on movies, martial art artists like Jackie Chan and Jet Li are always able to quickly and effectively dodge attacks from their attackers. Their body movements are super agile and I am assuring you that such agility did not happen overnight for them. It will take a good amount of training in order to achieve it. Once you are good at moving your body with great agility, it will certainly help overwhelm and shock your opponent and you should be able to win the fight easily by unleashing surprise attack against them.

Like I mentioned earlier, it does not matter which discipline of martial arts you are looking to master, once you are able to improve and speed up all the above mentioned reflexes, your martial art moves and techniques are guaranteed to improve by leaps and bounds.

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