Septempber 13, 2016

Today we will focus on the importance of story and how it’s shaped in State of Extinction.  The story of State of Extinction revolves around the challenging life of early man, during a time where evil and corruptness was not governed nor controlled.

You play the role of a young naive tribesman from the tribe of the Wolf.  Your home is a cave located deep in the mountains of Eagles Reach which has kept you and your tribesmen isolated from the rest of the world.

However, your journey will ultimately take you out of the mountains where you will encounter many different types of people with different backgrounds, religions and beliefs.  You will be forced to make difficult decisions in which you must ultimately live with.

State of Extinction uses dialogue text, narration and on screen action to deliver, “Mature” story themed content.  Mature themed content revolves around experiences such as interacting with a cannibalistic tribe, to addressing men who fornicate with beasts presented in a manner where you decide on how to address the situation.

The goal of the story telling approach is to allow you to determine how to address many early man situations and decide what is considered right or wrong.  Choices you make will ultimately affect the type of ending you will experience in the game.

Whatever choice you make as you encounter various scenarios will ultimately leave a footprint on you, but more importantly your role in humanity’s salvation.
State of Extinction is a first of its kind action/adventure RPG based game for PC (Mac/Linux coming soon) set in a science-fantasy antediluvian world of early man.  An Early Access release is targeted for late October 2016.



August 4, 2016

Development has been going very strong on State of Extinction.  I have to first apologize for not providing updates as we have wanted.  But I do want to ensure you that the game is still being built and will be released.

Now coming up from coding to catch the fresh air, the breeze feels great and we are ready to give the world a, “new” experience in RPG based gaming!

State of Extinction has been reworked a lot to include a ton of new enhancements as we get closer to a polished Early Access release.  Listed below are the latest enhancements to the game build.  You can also see new screen shots posted on Steam and other media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

Expect a ton of new information over the next few weeks regarding the various systems that have been enhanced to provide you with a new Prehistoric mature based experience.  Thanks for your support and joining us on the journey.

State of Extinction Enhancements
•    Included Min-Map to assist with Navigation (shows Large Beasts and Fire locations)
•    Enhanced Prehistoric world with additional hand-drawn environments
•    Updated NPCs logic and interact capabilities
•    Added Special Dialogue camera when interacting with NPCs
•    Added statistics for tracking kills, herbs consumed, quest completed and other key data
•    Enhanced overall story line and plot to explore dark areas that prehistoric man should not be engaged in
•    Enhanced overall graphics to included detailed plants, wild life, rocks etc.
•    Enhanced controls to allow movement and UI navigation via mouse point-n-click; no need to use a keyboard
•    Enhanced UI to provide a clean, easy to use interface to improve overall game play experience   presenting a prehistoric era




February 28, 2016

It has been a little over 2 months since we have released the Demo which we received very good feedback.  We primarily used the feedback in our continued development of State of Extinction to enhance features and polish the game.  We will be providing periodical Development Blogs as we build up to our Early Access release.


SoE Early Access02

We have recently implemented part of the Neander Valley which you can view in the screen shots. This region is rich with wild life and primitive beasts looking for a tasty meal. Oh and you maybe surprised of what other humans may be grazing the forest. Your journey will take you here as you continue to define your, “Calling” in life.

SoE Early Access03

With the Day/Night cycle implementation, some quests are only possible to complete at night. With night, comes danger. But rest assured, you will always find refuge when near a warm fire. In the screen shots you are seen at a tribe location found. Will the natives help you or hinder you? Anything is possible in the land that time forgot. life.

SoE Early Access04

What makes State of Extinction a, “different” experience is your interaction ability with other NPCs. Man was not built to live alone. So you will have a mate. We have implemented systems so your mate will, “help” you on your passage during this Hunter-Gatherer era. Make sure you include your mate in our daily efforts, or potentially face…extinction!.

Stone Pixel Games, LLC Development  Team


November 30, 2015

Hello Everyone. We have been VERY busy developing State of Extinction, but wanted to give a quick update on what’s been cooking in the Cave thus far. First, we have completed the demo! It will be released soon, just need to put some final touches on it. Expect to download it from our Steam product page located here:

In addition, we are working on main game development which consists of the primitive beasts. Listed are some photos of a Wild Irish which you will encounter during your track in the wilderness!

Stone Pixel Games, LLC Development  Team


September 30, 2015

As a member of your tribe you will most likely be tasked by the Elders and/or Band members with something to do in order to help keep the tribe functioning, but most important…alive!  As part of early human society most or all food is obtained from wild plants and animals in the environment.  This is where the Hunting and Gathering adaptation take place.

However, you will need something in hand to hunt with.  This is where Gathering comes in.  In the wild you will discover various types of rock, wood and other elements that can be used to, “Make” items such as Weapons, Hides and Food.  You will need to make items to aid in protection against predators, disease and weather.  Also having, “made” food in your belly is probably a good idea.   Gathering also serves as a means to collect wild plants which can serve many purposes within the primitive era such as healing, removing diseases/curses or entering a hypnotic state of mind depending on how you use them in your beliefs.       

Both Hunting and Gathering are well embedded into the game story line and will be called upon in your primitive man experience!   

Thank you for taking the time to read about Hunting and Gathering.  Please remember that the events you will experience in game occurred during an, “unrecorded” time in man’s history.  So when you actually step foot into the prehistoric world there’s no telling what will happen…

Stone Pixel Games, LLC Development  Team



September 16, 2015


We are proud to announce that only after 11 days on Steam GreenLight, State of Extinction has been officially GreenLit by the Community! What does this mean? Well…through the interest, power and validation from the Steam Community we are now able to use Steam as our distribution platform to get the game into your hands, faster.


From everyone on the Development Team we want to say , “Thank You” for voting, “yes” and showing your interest in a Prehistoric based RPG rich in story and gameplay!  


As a token of our appreciation for your interest and support, we will be releasing a, free “Playable Demo” soon. Keep your eyes posted on one of our various communication channels for the Demo Release Announcement so you can download and experience State of Extinction first hand. Again, Thank you for your support in making State of Extinction a reality on Steam.

Stone Pixel Games, LLC Development Team


September 11, 2015

We will periodically provide updates to various game features and mechanics of State of Extinction.  In this communication, let’s talk about the Interface.  

State of Extinction (SoE) is rich in story, narration and dialogue as it’s not a survival game.  While SoE has light survival tactics, SoE is an RPG at heart.  To power the player on their adventurous  journey, we required an Interface that would capture the spirit of the primitive world while communicating key information.  

Our interface features a heads up display (HuD) consisting of hand tied wood and stone set on primitive art based panels.  The HuD was hand crafted by top 2D Artist Sandra Pinkert and really embodies the spirit of the game while not taking away from the action at hand while it’s being displayed.


The HuD panels can be dragged around the screen to provide the best view and is accessed in real-time.  Meaning, for example you can’t pause the game while fighting to switch out a weapon.  We took this approach because we felt that we wanted the player to always feel part of the action.  Taking the player away from the game to show a menu would deter that experience.    

The HuD is used for viewing your health, power, hunger, currently equipped weapon durability and equipping/executing on learned skills.  Targeting a non player character (NPC)  will display the name and health of the NPC.   You have the ability within the HuD to, “Make” items such as weapons, furs or food.  You can also, “Learn” new skills, depending on your calling and animistic religion and beliefs as you grow in Intellect.  Will talk more on this in a future communication.

Finally, you will also use the HuD to view and access items within your sack as well as your berries count (currency).  You will  be able to equip  furs on your head, body and feet to help fight off foes, weather and other natural elements. And most importantly, the HuD will provide you with a Quest Log of active and completed objectives.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the Interface of SoE.  Will communicate soon on our next feature, Hunting and Gathering. Thanks.

Stone Pixel Games, LLC Development Team






September 3, 2015

We want to personally welcome you to the State of Extinction site as we officially announce what’s been cooking in the cave for a while now! Through countless blood, sweat and tears we are glad to officially announce State of Extinction your Prehistoric getaway for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. As you’ve probably already read, you will play the role of a prehistoric cave man or Neanderthal as we like to call them living life during a catastrophic State of Extinction.

The question has come up countless times, what really happened to the Neanderthals? How did they become extinct? In State of Extinction, we transform you back-in-time to a world where you’ll need to answer these questions and face challenges such as: where is your next meal coming from? How do you defend a band of people from a rising threat? And how do you treat a sickness you know nothing about? These are just some of the experiences you may face while playing State of Extinction with a lot more I won’t spoil for you!


Our goal is to deliver a very polished and high quality experience to our consumers. We would like to hear from you as we continue our development journey by providing your thoughts, comments and ideas. So please use one of the channels in our Contact section.


Finally, we want to say Thank you for visiting the site. When you get a chance, please vote, “Yes” to see State of Extinction released on the Steam platform for distribution. And please let others know about State of Extinction! We want to get the game to you as soon as possible and being an indie studio without a major publisher we can use all the support we can get. So Thanks in advance. We hope you enjoy playing State of Extinction as much as we’ve enjoyed developing it for you.


Stone Pixel Games, LLC Development Team


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