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What is State of Extinction?

State of Extinction (SoE) is a Prehistoric single player role playing (RPG) hack-n-slash based game where you play the role of an early man protagonist. The game includes the typical features you would normally find in an RPG such as Stats, Skills, Items that can be equipped, interaction with non-player characters (NPCs), Boss Fights and an epic mature story that drives gameplay. However, being a Early Man RPG means that we are able to tap into new features and develop new systems which are not found in your typical fantasy based hack-n-slash RPG to cover a time period not well defined throughout history.

Who is Developing State of Extinction?

State of Extinction is being developed by indie studio, Stone Pixel Games, LLC a U.S. based company with a small global diversified team. The team has over 25+ years professional experience combined in areas such as software development, story writing, screen writing, voice acting, 2D & 3D art design and sound management representing countries from all over the world such as Germany, Czech Republic, India and the Philippines. The founder, Benjamin Gaskins wanted to ensure the team had a very diverse background bringing their beliefs, skills, ideas and innovation to the creation of State of Extinction.

Why State of Extinction?

As we are avid gamers, when playing and experiencing vast amount of games we often noticed a trend in the same, “type” of games being released. Especially when it comes to RPGs. We thought, “Hey, no one (to our knowledge) has developed and released an hack-n-slash RPG based on the early man era that is serious and mature in theme as early man had a very difficult time just surviving every day.” So we thought, “Why don’t we do it?” We then took the idea and begin crafting the storyboard and thoughts around developing a game where the player, “truly” lives the life of early man during a very rough and challenging time. Now, our initial vision is reality and we want to deliver this high quality experience to you.

When will the game be released?

We plan to release a very well polished Early Access build sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2016 which will consist of about 40-45% of the final game.  We plan to follow up with a full release of the game early to mid 2017.


What resource materials are you using to draft inspiration for development of the game?

We have spent countless hours and weeks upon weeks researching early man and his life. Things such as what did they eat, drink and do for fun. Also things such as how did they live, love, fight and learn. We also engaged an Archaeologist Consultant who has help with bringing a level of understanding of the early man era. We took many great materials such as, “Patriarchs and Prophets” by Ellen G. White and Stephen Jacksons Games, “GURPS, Ice Age” and used it as reference when developing the story and various in-game systems such as making Weapons, Hides, Food and some of the bestiary you will face in SoE. Finally, we thought of what would make SoE fun and exciting to play from a gamer’s perspective and developed the systems for it.


Wait! Some believe Dinos didn’t exist during Early Man’s history, so why are they in the game?

We included Dinos in some parts of the regions as it fits very well into the story/game plot. Also, it’s just, “cool” to see them and experience them in the lush world. We consider SoE to be a science-fantasy game. So while we are not trying to create a historically correct game, we are developing an experience where we want our consumers to feel, “transformed into a early man state” which will allow you to make decisions early man had to face during their lifetime.

What is a Neanderthal?

Neanderthals were considered one of the earliest form of human species. The Neanderthal appearance was similar to modern man, though they were shorter and stockier with angled cheekbones, prominent brow ridges, and wide noses. Though sometimes thought of as dumb brutes or cave men, they created and used tools, buried their dead and controlled fire, among other intelligent behaviors.

Are Character Classes available in State of Extinction?

Yes! There are 3 playable classes available to choose from in SoE. Each class has its own style and depending on what class you choose to play, your in-game encounters will be different. You can read more about each class here. Choose your Calling wisely…

How big is the game world?

The prehistoric world of SoE is made up of 3 regions. Each region is filled with natural elements such as Mountains, Forests, Grasslands, Lakes and Canyons to name a few of the things that you will be traversing through. All of the regions (game world) has been painted by hand.  You won’t find any procedural created worlds here!  We want to ensure you experience an, “authentic” world. There are plenty of things to do and places to go within the world. Be careful not to get sick from eating wild plants or rotten beast meat during your journey! And be careful at night!

How do you traverse the game world?

Unfortunately, early man did not have a horse to take him from point A to B like you normally get in an RPG.  So you will be running to get around. However, through the power of the ancient Fire spirits there is another option. When a Fire is discovered, you will be able to “Fast Travel” between fires previously discovered to get to your destinations faster.

What is the, “Essence of Man” game mode?

We decided to build a game mode for people who enjoy, “living for a challenge”. Do you feel you have the true “essence” of surviving in a Prehistoric world during a state of extinction? Well, this game mode is for you! You get only one life. Die and your calling is lost…forever. But, with risk comes greater reward.

What is the user interface for the game?

SoE has been built to provide a, “point-n-click” interface to navigate the prehistoric world, and interact with man, beasts and basically any other item in the world.  We have also include the camera to zoom and rotate so you can get the best view of the action. In addition, we added a dedicated conversation camera which becomes active when you are interacting/speaking with in-game non-playable characters (NPCs).

Will Multi-Player be included in the game?

Right now our focus is delivering a highly polished and enjoyable single player experience.  Depending on the community and fan reaction will determine if the game will include a multi-player component at a later date!

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